Asian charachters

South Asians are consistently dehumanized and set up to be inferior to white characters in Western media. It has always been easy for Western media audiences to see Cleopatra and Princess Jasmine through a white artist, but it is somehow harder for them to visualize Julius Caesar or Ariel through a Brown artist. There's a deep lack of representation that permeates throughout Western television shows and movies that has been pacified and overlooked by audiences and directors alike. It becomes clear when you compare the diversity of the audience filling the seats to the blanket of actors on stage or on screen: The industry that requires the strongest connection to their consumers does not represent us at all. As an actress, I've stood next to four or five of my white colleagues as directors sized us up, arguing about which one of us looked more "realistic" for complex major roles. I've had assistant directors tell me that I would've been perfect for the role if I were not an Indian woman, or that they split the cast so they could "balance the diversity.
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Chinese characters

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Insight: Western shows still misrepresent South Asian characters - The State Press

We're ranking the greatest Asian characters in film and TV. This list includes a diverse range of actors and actresses - and even a few cartoon characters. While proper Asian representation in Hollywood has been lacking for quite some time, newer shows and movies have started featured more diverse cast members than ever before. In newer shows like Fresh Off the Boat , the entire main cast is Asian.
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‘Mulan’ Actor Jimmy Wong Calls Out ‘Tired Trope’ of Near-Silent Asian Roles on ‘The Boys’ and More

Hollywood has done it again. My rage immediately melted into embarrassment, then appreciation. Is this the turning point that Asian-Americans have been waiting for? So there was no question that the Chinese characters should be voiced by people of Asian heritage, Culton added. At the time, the director Travis Knight said that while he believed inclusion and representation mattered, voice acting involved different considerations.
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Chinese characters are the oldest continuously used system of writing in the world. The total number of Chinese characters ever to appear in a dictionary is in the tens of thousands, though most are graphic variants, or were used historically and passed out of use, or are of a specialized nature. A college graduate who is literate in written Chinese knows between three and four thousand characters, though more are required for specialized fields.
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